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RE: adverb suffixes???

Clayton Cardoso:
> Why couldn't I use verb suffixes to the adverbs?

: The same reason you can't use noun suffixes on verbs - the grammar just
: doesn't allow it. We do know that some adverbials can take <-Ha'>, but
: that's it. I don't remember the exact list, but I know it includes
: <batlhHa'>, <Do'Ha'>, and <pIjHa'>.

Also <ghaytanHa'> and <nItebHa'>.

Okrand discussed this question in HolQeD 4.4:

  "Whether this {-Ha'} can be added to all adverbials is not clear.
   The notes taken while working with Maltz indicate that he balked
   at {vajHa'} ('not thus'?) but accepted {Do'Ha'} 'unfortunately'.
   Information on other adverbials has not yet been uncovered, though
   it is probably in the notes somewhere."

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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