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Re: Klingons Invade Dover Peace Conference

ja' Qor'etlh:
>    The Badges left much to be desired, NO NAMES, and it was very
>hard to identify many Klingons. So many were in & out of costume,
>they were unrecognizable from one day (also hour, or event) to the

ghu'vam vIyaj.  qabmey motlh vIqawchu'be'.
qab choHlu'chugh, ghaytan vIghovbe'chu'.

>Many "Deligates" recognized simple commands in tlhIngan Hol, and a
>few even laughed at comments, and quips spoken in our native tongue.

maj.  'ach yajqu''a' HaghwI'pu'?

>No Tribble Ball, but who started throwing buiscuts at the Feast
>(must have been Feddies:), and do we have a phrase for "Flying

<jaD> yISam.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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