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Re: KLBC: Qe'

In a message dated 4/20/1999 6:33:53 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Actually, <maqoch> is a teasing, mildly derogatory word used between male
 friends. It's similar to the tone of something like "Good to see you, you 
 old pirate!"  It's probably the sort thing I would call my little brother 
 or a few of my coworkers.
 An analogous word used between close female friends is <chaj>, but it does
 not carry any of the mildly derogatory connotations of <maqoch>. Looks like
 in this case Klingons are not so different from humans.
 Using either of these words in an inappropriate context would most likely 
 be construed as an insult, and bloodshed would probably follow. >>
qatlh *derogatory mu' {maqoch} 'e' DaQub?  juppu'na' chaH maqochpu''e' 'e' 
QIj KGT p.202:  "signifies genuine friendship."  tuqlIj jeSwI'vaD mu' 
{maqoch} Daja'chugh *offensive wanI'vam 'e' QIj.

qatlh mu'mey *derogatory *teasing je Dalo'?


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