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Re: <nugh> for nation

ja' qa'ral:
<<I'd like to nominate (society, group of people) (or perhaps some
compound containing <nugh>) as an alternate translation of *nation*.    
I'm no political scientist and no more than an aspiring Klingonist, but
as I understand it, a *nation* is neither a place nor a political formation
but a *people* with a shared history, culture, territory, etc...>

maj, mubelqu'moH mu'mey Dajatlhbogh! A prime example is the Sioux Nation;
even when removed from there ancestral lands, they still considered them
selves a nation.

<...A nation
usually exerts or seeks to exert political control over the territory with
which it identifies, and the belief that a nation needs its own state and
that the world is naturally composed of such *nation-states* is what we
generally mean by *nationalism*...>

*Balkans*Daq SuvchuqtaHbogh nuvpu' yIlegh.

P.S.  I'm still hoping for an answer to my question about Klingon names.>> 

I've seen naught to contradict your theories.


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