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Welcome to the list, Gillian. My name is pagh, and I am the current
Beginners' Grammarian. It's my job to help beginners learn Klingon. Whenever
you have a post you want help with, mark it for my attention with a KLBC in
the subject line.

jatlh Gillian Densmore:

> NuQneH!!!
> Tlingon Jih!!!

The Roman characters we use to write are very definitely case sensitive, so
you have to be careful when you type. The correct way to spell the above is:

tlhIngan jIH!!!

> Mog JiH.

This is good - you got the right sentence order. You do need to put a prefix
on your verb, though. Looking it up in the prefix table, the prefix for
subject "I" and no object is <jI->, giving you:

jImogh jIH.

> Firt post to a large mailing list.
> rusty as a federation photon-torpedo at my klingon.

bIqeqchugh vaj laHlIj DaDubbej.
If you practice, you will certainly improve your ability.

> -=QUAPLA'!!!=-


Beginners' Grammarian

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