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Re: bIrel toQDuj 'oH'a' <Karagga>'e'

In all this discussion on what the complement is between a B'Rel and the
K'Vort, I went to look it up in the Jackill's Technical Data Sheets and this
is the info it gives.

B'Rel Class Scout Ship:

    Length                      :  (F)88m   (C)88m   (A)88,
    Width                        :  (F)122.91m    (C)130.0m   (A)103.44m
    Height                       :  (F)32.47m      (C)21.66m   (A)50.48m
    Displacement          :  46.300mt
    Ships Complement : 12

K' Vort Class  Frigate:

     Length : (F)110m        (C)110m        (A)110m
     Width                         : (F)153.61m  (C)162.50m   (A)129.30m
     Height : (F) 40.58m   (C)27.07m     (A)63.10m
     Displacement            : 90.285mt
     Ships Complement   : Crew of 12   plus 36 troops

In the line drawings, if I read them correctly, on the B'Rel  there is one
escape hatch on the Bridge and what appears to be six pods running down the
length of the ships neck just in front of the wings on both sides.
On the K'Vort  there is one escape hatch on the Bridge,  six pods on both
side of the neck in front of the wings, and sixteen pods on the main body of
the ship.  But that's all I can find.    The 16 look small so I would guess
they are singles and the 12 are doubles since they are a little larger.
Buts its still speculation on both since not everything is identified.

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