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Re: Pocket Klingon Guide

On 18-Apr-99, Worf, Son of Mogh wrote:
>> I am making a Pocket Klingon Guide in Publisher 98. It will have all the
>> noun and verb suffixes and prefixes, adverbs, question words, and grammar
>> notes in front, with a complete dictionary in the back. I will print it
>> out and put it together for my own edification. Has anyone else tried
>> this?

> Not sure, but I hear there's a little pocketguide in the works too...
> called "The Canon Klingon Dictionary"
> (

Well, yeah, I don't know about that one, I haven't been working on it for a
while... I created a small pocket dictionary, without the any grammar, back
in january 1997 - but it has since been somewhat outdated since the KGT
material isn't included. I myself *always* carry a copy of this with me and
have had much use of it, and still have. I feel I can do better though but
my focus has been on starting qepHommey, creating good teaching materials,
and a project called "KLO" which is a translation of TKD into swedish.

It is quite likely that a new edition of this pocket dictionary will be
produced as a spin­off of project KLO, but in that case it will case be a
Klingon­Swedish dictionary and not a Klingon­English one, so its probably
not of interest of anyone on this list.

There are now only 612 words left to translate into swedish (in a dictionary
consisting of all words from TKD and KGT). If anyone want to contribute with
corrections or translations (ofcourse you have to be fluent in Swedish to do
so =|:-) could just send me a mail (off this list).


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   Uppsala, Sweden    ICQ:16769663     Open:0.00-24.00 

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