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Re: bIrel toQDuj 'oH'a' <Karagga>'e'

Resonding to SuSvaj:

Now that you mention it, I do remember that the BoP Kirk and Co. took from
the Klingons was markedly smaller than the Enterprise.  Looks to me as
though THAT ship was B'Rel class and it's more likely that the IDF* Karagga
was K'Vort class. The "twelve offericers plus crew and/or troops (not
counted)" goes a long way toward explaining the presence of only 12 escape
pods. I'm willling to bet that on a K'vort class BoP there are only 12
COMISSIONED Officers. The other officers on board being what are known as
Field Officers, they rose from the enlisted ranks (like Cheif Petty Officer
Miles Edward O'Brien). There was a similar custom in Earth's history.
During tourneys and battles of the Middle Ages, the heralds recorded the
arms of the Knight participating, but not the various servants, yoemen, and
men-at-arms they brought along.

The word "escape pod" sounds to cowardly to have a direct Klingon
translation. <yInDuj> or <yInDujHom>, "life boat" sounds better.

<jorqu'lI' Duj! DaH yInDujHommeyDaq!>
"The ship is going to Explode! To the life boats NOW!!"

*Side note: I.D.F. stands for Imperial Defence Force. In Klingon, I'm
guessing ships are refered to with <tlhIngan wo' Duj> or <voDleH Duj>,
i,e." The Emperor's Ship" (Gilbert and Sullivan anyone?).


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