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(See previous messages for preface...)

Thanks for the help. Your advice has helped me understand the language
better. I noticed some similar mistakes in other scenes. 


>> MEG: bIDoy''a'?
>> JEFF: HIja', jIDoy' jay'. jIleSvaD choqemta'. jIlugh'a'?

>A bit of the English seems to be missing here...

The remaining english is: "That's why you brought me here isn't it: so I
could take a nap?"

...I guess the main problem I had was that I tried to translate the whole
scene too literally. I needed to grasp the main points of the scene and
translate those, without losing the author's original vision (machbe' Qu').

In the sentence, "I didn't think that a walk in the woods would fatigue a
young man such as yourself." I belive that <loD Qup DuDoy'moH ngem lengHom
'e' vIpIHbe'> is the best choice. I do not think that it is necessary to
form two sentences. Because of the verb prefix, the object of the sentence
(in this case "you") is implied, and the <loD Qup> serves only as further
clarification. I do this all the time: it is not gramatically incorrect...
is it?

****I think it sounds hilarious when one translates something into tlhIngan
Hol, and then translates it back.****

Well, I think I did fairly well. Some information about the scene might
help you understand why I made some of the descisions that I did
(especially for the first two lines):

Brigadoon is a magical Scottish town that appears for one day, out of the
mist, every one hundred years. By some sort of twisted fate, two Americans
(JEFF (on being American): <jIH, *Georgia*Daq yIn ghaH>) get lost in the
woods and stumble into Brigadoon. Meg Brockie (a premiscous girl) is known
for her "desperation" in finding a husband, and has therefore had some
trouble finding anyone who is willing to commit. She thinks that she has
found a winner in Jeff Douglas, and she drags him up to a shed and tries to
"tie him down" (to the bedposts). Jeff is not really into it: quoth he, "If
sex were a hobby, you'd be a collectors' item. (Qujchugh nga'chuqghach,
boSwI Doch SoH)". And from there I picked up.

You should really go see Brigadoon, it's a good play. And, by the time you
see it, I'll have the translation done (and edited).

---loD Doq

P.S.: I guess I could use a little more clarification on when to use <'e'>.
I'll hit the books tonight.

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