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Re: Song Title

Alan Anderson wrote:
> ja' Ed <>:
> >       "You! Dream in the flesh", is better, but all I could find was meat.
> nuqjatlh?  mujonchu' qechlIj.  chaq Sov lI' vIHutlh.
> This probably means something, but I don't have the context to know what.
> >       jIpong bom, <<yIyIn 'IwDaq naj>> jIHechpu', yInDaq Datlhoj najwI'lIj.
> >'ach,  jay' ja' QIch'a'.
	I name song, <<yIyIn 'IwDaq naj>> I did mean, you realize in life your
dream. But (the song title has a better audience grabing appeal), It
intensely report as bigger words, i.e. sounds better.

> Dapvam yajbe' Hoch 'e' vIpIH.  bIghoj DaneHchugh, maHvaD mu'meylIj tImugh.
> qech DaQupbogh wISovbe'chugh, mu'mey DaghItlhbogh DIlughmoHlaHbe'.
> Ed, your Klingon is almost complete gibberish.  Please tell us in English
> what you're trying to say, so someone can explain to you why the way you're
> saying it is incorrect.
> -- ghunchu'wI'

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