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Re: Song Title

ja' Ed <>:
>	"You! Dream in the flesh", is better, but all I could find was meat.

nuqjatlh?  mujonchu' qechlIj.  chaq Sov lI' vIHutlh.
This probably means something, but I don't have the context to know what.

>	jIpong bom, <<yIyIn 'IwDaq naj>> jIHechpu', yInDaq Datlhoj najwI'lIj.
>'ach,  jay' ja' QIch'a'.

Dapvam yajbe' Hoch 'e' vIpIH.  bIghoj DaneHchugh, maHvaD mu'meylIj tImugh.
qech DaQupbogh wISovbe'chugh, mu'mey DaghItlhbogh DIlughmoHlaHbe'.

Ed, your Klingon is almost complete gibberish.  Please tell us in English
what you're trying to say, so someone can explain to you why the way you're
saying it is incorrect.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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