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vajpu' raSDaq wItoS HuDHom, {lut latlh}


	jISuqbeH bal chu', jIDo'qa'DI' latlh lutchaj lujatlh.

	yotlh may'vaD jeDchoH 'Iw. mangghommey yovchuglI' may'Daq
jangchugpu'taH. yotlhvetlh lutebvIS yoHwI'. heghta'bogh pImbe' negh.
SeghvaD wItaghbe' qul, ram bIrDaq bomtaH nuHmeymo'. nejchug pujwI'.
	HeHeychaj wIleng ngIvwI'vam. HeHvetlh wIngong neH Hubmey. luSpetvam
qaqmo' HuDHom wuqbogh ghomHom wItoS. nubej ghol HuDHomvo' DIghoSmo' 'ej
nuloSmo' tam HoHna'mo'. 
	 may'mey law'meH jupwI' nuDev. SIchmo' neH jupwI' HuDHom DungDaq 'ej
jajlo'vo' vIleghlaHtaH nuHmey boch. jInech jIjunmo' jupwI' pumta'
	nom jItoS chongbogh yav vIHDaq. QamtaH jaghma' lujen HuDHomDaq. Dungvo'
lu'uyvIS vajpu' bomlI' nuHwIj. pe'vIl lamvetlh qel qamwIj. pe'vIl
jISIchDI' Dungvetlh jIHotqa' jajlo'. pIj bomchu' nuHwIj pumtaH baSmo'. 
	poHna' machqu'Daq nongchug 'ej muHIvchoHlaw'meH lulujmoH jaghpu'wIj
QamwI'chaj. mughoSqa'DI' lamDaq vI'uy nuHDaj. jItlhe'lI'DI' vIqIH
jaghwI' Humpu'bogh nuHwIj taghDajDaq. HIvpu'bogh latlh tlhab nuHwIj.
pe'taH nuHwIj raD HurghwI' roQDaq. jItoSqa'.
	jIleghlaH ratlhwI'pu'vetlh HuDHom lu'uchtaH. jIHubqa'be' baSvo' SIStaH
DungwIj. vItlhejvIS muHIvmo' jIlaghpu' 'uSDaj jIjuSDI' 'ej bIngDaq leng
qochwIj. chIch jIngep HuDHomvetlh jIraDmo' jupwI'Daq DoHvIS jaghwIj.
Dungvo' bIngvo' je DIpe'qang HuDHomvo'. HurghwI'Daq DIngeH jaghma'.
puSbogh vajpu' ngIvwI'Daq jaghma' tlha'.
	bIng wIleghlaH mangghommey, yotlhDaq chenrupbogh ghobmeH pem.

	vIlengbogh qul retlhDaq, ngemvo' vIchenqa'. jI'Ijqangqa'

	I was fetching a new bottle, when another began their story.

	The field was thick with the blood of meny, each charge was thrown back
from either side. The battle field was so deep in the bodies of the
brave, that  you could not easily tell them apart. But their was no time
for sorting out the dead, even by the fires of the night the battle
field resounded with clash of cold wet steel, as each other searched for
a weakness.
  	This patrol we set out toward the flank. Just to test the defenses
along that perimeter. the scout party had decided to climb over a small
hill, rather than sulk in the darkened ravine. From this vantage point
the enemy had been watching our approach. and lain silent for the kill.
	My friend of meny battles was on point. I can still see the glint of
steel in the morning sun as he crested the summit. Stepping away from
the falling flesh as it tumbled past into the darkness below. 
	I climbed erect, quickly in the shifting soil, as they stood towering
atop the knoll, each sweep of their blade rang down against my weapon
held high. The force of their blows driving my foot steps deeper into
the soil. I began to feel the light of dawn upon my face as I forced my
way higher. 
	Then in a moment of passion, anouther tried to have at me, forcing my
foe just enough to unsettle his balance. As his blow fell, I forced his
blade down to the soil before him. Then while turning to meet the
oncoming thrust from the eager enemy, my blade caught in his chest. The
next falling blow set my blade free, letting the wounded fall past. and
I climbed.
	I could see all that was left of those holding the hill, I no longer
had to defend form the rain of steel, over my head. I meet each thrust
and did carve his leg as I past, which sent him tumbling into the
darkness. Across the summit I fought,  forcing the enemy down before
me.  From above and below we now cut them down from the hill, and sent
them in to the darkness. A few warriors did peruse our enemies. 
	In the Battle field below we could see the formations of warriors,
preparing for the day to come. 

	I had gone over to the fire place, to set another log on the fire. I
listened to our guests.

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