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Re: adjectives, ???

>Arrrgh!  This is slightly frustrating you know.  The dictionary says one thing
>then canon has examples otherwise.  So I'll pen the above into my dictionary
>(which looks more like a journal now) and I'll think, "Okay, I got it now!"
>Then it will change again...... oh well, I can't complain I guess.  The more
>options the merrier.

I don't see anywhere in TKD where it states that a verb acting adjectivally
can't take anything except -qu'.

It says -qu may follow the verb, and it says that only -qu can be used when
a type 5 noun suffix is used.

If only -qu can be used anytime the verb is an adjective, why also specify
that only -qu can be used if a type 5 is used?

But on the other side... in the description for -qu is the only place TKD
mentions that a suffix can be used on adjectives.

It doesn't say yes, but it doesn't say no either.  Again Marc left breathing
room for himself.

Also... perhaps you should pencil it into your dictionary, instead of pen.  :)


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