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Re: chenmoH, ghojmoH

But why on Earth do you assume that his translation of {tIjwI'ghom
vIchenmoH} isn't as loose as many of his other definitions?  And why do you
ignore the fact that the "be formed" translation is an ALTERNATE way of
saying it, and that there's another one listed first?

Look at it this way: {pa'vo' pagh leghlu'} was translated as "The room has
no view," but it literally means "One sees nothing from the room."  {Hab
SoSlI' Quch} was translated as "Your mother has a smooth forehead," instead
of the more literal "Your mother's forehead is smooth."  Please identify
clearly what makes you think that "I cause a boarding party to be formed" is
a precise, literal translation of {tIjwI'ghom vIchenmoH}, and also identify
why you think this translation should be considered more literal than "I
form a boarding party."

Stardate 99251.5

jatlh peHruS:
mu'tlhegh {tIjwI'ghom vIchenmoH} mughmeH MO, mu'mey {BE FORMED} lo' ghaH.
DelmeH wot (Descriptive verb/stative verb) 'oHbe' wot {chen}'e', qar'a'?
mu'ghomDaq DIvI' Hol mu' {BE} lungaS neH DelmeH wotmey. mu'mey {transitive}
{intransitive} je lo'be' tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom pab 'ay' jay'!

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