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Re: chenmoH, ghojmoH


I called the {<person>-vaD <topic> <verb>-moH} theory "charghwI''s sash"
because the theory comes from an example sentence we have from a SkyBox
card: {ghaHvaD quHDaj qawmoH} "It reminds him of his heritage."  The
subject of the sentence, and the card, was the Klingon sash that Worf
wears.  Since charghwI' has used this sentence to build a theory, I
thought "charghwI''s sash" would be an amusing way to refer to the theory.


jatlh T'LoD:
So, if I want to say that I taught Mr. Clark Klingon, then I would say
Clark vIghojmoH; tlhIngan Hol ghoj ghaH." qar'a'? It follows the idea MO
repeated several times about one sentence in English frequently being two
Klingon. Nice way to put it, SuStel. What if charghwI''s sash?

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