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Re: The Finished stone?????

According to Mark E. Shoulson:
> >> 
> >> David Barron writes:
> >> >I am trying to figure out the a decent way of saying
> >> >"the finished/competed stone."
> >> >Context: as in a stone that a stone mason has worked on and
> >> >finished.

I tend to agree with ~mark, thinking that the best way to deal
with this is to have a different noun for what the stone
becomes when it is finished. You would not call a jewelry box a
"finished tree". The box is its own thing. It is made of wood,
but the material is not the same thing as the object made with
it. Perhaps {nagh Degh}? An "insignia of stone"? Or are we
speaking of a brick-like function here? Then we run into the
absence of a really good term for "wall". [And please don't
respond with your personal favorite word for "wall". Everyone
seems to have one, but nobody has presented one that everyone
else likes as much as their own different one.]

> Hmm.  I don't like any of the solutions so far.  I think they're getting
> caught up in the polysemy of "finished."...

> ~mark


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