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Re: The Finished stone?????

David Barron writes:
>I am trying to figure out the a decent way of saying
>"the finished/competed stone."
>Context: as in a stone that a stone mason has worked on and

>1) nagh ta'lu'bogh  <-I think this one works best
I like this one

>2) nagh Qav
>3) bagh naQ
not quite sure about these

>Give it a shot.


How about:  nagh rInlu'bogh  

I like {rIn} because the object has been accomplished, thus: the stone which
someone has finished.
While in {ta'} I get: the stone which someone is finishing.



-Thiago Miranda

P.S.- Because of the resent {'e' Xlu'} disscussion, I will try {nagh net

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