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KLBC: Aesop - The Wolf and the Lamb

I've just found this mailing list, and think I'm going to love it.
I've always been a wanna-be linguist, and thlingan Hol is the most 
interesting language I've seen. It doesn't hurt that I love Star Trek. :)

As my first semi-medium-major attempt to write something in tlhingan Hol, 
I tried translating one of Aesop's Fables, The Wolf and the Lamb. If I 
learn enough klingon, I'd enjoy translating them all, for everybody's 
reading pleasure. But before then, I'll have to learn enough klingon to 
actually do it. :) So, pabpo'pu', please criqique this. (I know better 
than to get offended at anything you say, barring character attacks.)

Ha'DIbaH qu' Ha'DIbaH chun je
HuDHomDaq bIQtIqHomDaq tlhutlh Ha'DIbah qu'
biQtIqHomDaq tlhutlh Ha'DIbaH chun 'e' legh Ha'DIbaH qu'
vItlhapmeH meqqoq vItu'chugh meghwI' 'e' Qub Ha'DIbaH qu'
pa' 'oHtaH 'uQwIj'e' 'e' Qub Ha'DIbah qu'
Ha'DIbaHvaD chun bIQ vItlhutlhbogh DalammoHtaH SoH jach Ha'DIbaH qu'
ghobe' joHwI' ja' Ha'DIbaH chun
lamchugh bIQ vIlammoHbe'
SoHvo' ghoS bIQtIq 'ej jIHDaq ghoS bIQtIq
qatlh wa' ben chotIchta' ja' Ha'DIbaH qu'
ghobe' bID ben jIbogh ja' Ha'DIbaH chun
jISaHbe' jach Ha'DIbaH qu'
chotIchbe'chugh mutIch Ha'DIbaH chun latlh
Ha'DIbaH tlha' Ha'DIBaH qu' 'ej Sopta'
meqqoq lo'qang DevwI'qoq loQ ja' Ha'DIbaH chun Soplu'pa'

Dep'ong aka Daniel Boese

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