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Re: More sun thoughts...


>  Okay.. I've come up with some "sun" related compounds.. please tell me
>what you think!
>Hovjaj (sun's day) [Sunday?]
>Hovyach (sunstroke ??)
>Hovjol (sunbeam ?)
>HovtIH (sunray)
>HovmeQ (sunburn)
>HovyoD (sunscreen)
>  Some of these are better than others... any thoughts?

"compound noun"Daq wot Salo'DI', bIQaghba'.  "transporter beam"na' Hech <jol> 
'e' yItu' je.  "general beam"Hey Hechbe'ba'.  "sunstroke"vaD <Hovrup> vIchup.  
"sunbeam" raplaw' "sunray."  "sunscreen"vaD <HovyoD> vIparHa'.

--HoD trI'Qal
  tlhwD lIy So'

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