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Re: mujatlhmoH nuq jay'

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     So how do I say, "I caused you to hit him,"? Umm. Well. You don't. Umm,
you might say that I ORDERED you to hit him, which is accurate and easy to
say with ye olde sentence-as-object construction. Meanwhile, I can say that I
cause you to be angry, but I can't say that I cause you to hit him. If I took
what I interpret to be Krankor's view on this, I might say
{chaH qaqIpmoHta'}. Note: I do not represent Krankor here. He speaks for
himself quite well. I'm just trying to understand one of his recent posts.

     *    *    *
We've seen a workable, if not elegant, solution to this in the
list; sorry I can't remember who said it first.
     DaqIp 'e' vIta'(pu')
using the VERB ta' 'accomplish', not the SUFFIX ta' (which is,
however and by the way, plainly related).  Literally,
     I accomplish(ed) it that you hit him
                      your hitting him

We could also say
     DaqIp 'e' vIqaSmoH(pu')
     I cause(d) it to happen that you hit him.

- marqem

                         Mark A. Mandel 
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