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Mark, in a city near you! maybe.

Hey all.  I meant to write this earlier, but.... I didn't.

Anyway, I'm sending this message to the three lists I seem to be most
active on, to inform you that I'll be on vacation from April 10 through
April 24 or so, in Great Britain.  This means (a) I won't be online, but
also (b) if you're a British-type folk, we might possibly be able to get

I'll be in London the first week, and in Manchester the second (the second
week taking day-trips around with a friend who lives there... hope to do
some touring in Wales!)  If either of these places is reachable by you
folks of British persuasion who for obscure reasons would be interested in
getting together over a pint of bitter or something, let me know.  Maybe we
can work something out.

Just a thought.

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