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Re: bounces

        Reply to:   RE>bounces

HIja'!  Sure am!


Date: 3/30/94 1:11 PM
To: Matt Gomes
From: Klingon Language List

Is anybody besides me getting bounces on posts from [email protected]?


------------------ RFC822 Header Follows ------------------
Received: by with SMTP;30 Mar 1994 13:11:35 -0800
Received: from Sun.COM by (4.1/SMI-4.1)
	id AA14600; Wed, 30 Mar 94 13:05:02 PST
Errors-To: [email protected]
Received: from East.Sun.COM (east.East.Sun.COM) by Sun.COM (sun-barr.Sun.COM)
	id AA14591; Wed, 30 Mar 94 12:51:21 PST
Errors-To: [email protected]
Received: from suneast.East.Sun.COM by East.Sun.COM (4.1/SMI-4.1)
	id AA24159; Wed, 30 Mar 94 15:51:12 EST
Errors-To: [email protected]
Received: from klingon.East.Sun.COM by suneast.East.Sun.COM (4.1/SMI-4.1)
	id AA25705; Wed, 30 Mar 94 15:51:36 EST
Errors-To: [email protected]
Received: by klingon.East.Sun.COM (5.0/SMI-SVR4)
	id AA06825; Wed, 30 Mar 1994 15:52:46 +0500
Message-Id: <94[email protected]>
Reply-To: "Klingon Language List" <[email protected]>
Errors-To: [email protected]
From: Captain Krankor <[email protected]>
To: "Klingon Language List" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 94 13:51:59 -0700
Subject: bounces
Content-Length: 92

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