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Re: Just Bored

On Mar 29,  8:43pm, Captain Krankor wrote:
> I like the original-- Dal ghu'wIj.  I'm not so sure about extending
> it out as a general pattern like that.  Here's my reasoning:
> Dal ghu'lIj doesn't say "You're bored" to me.  [It says that the speaker
thinks your situation is boring.]...

> To get the perspective away from me, the speaker, and back onto
> "you", mayhaps:
> SoHvaD Dal ghu'     "You're bored."
>                 --Krankor

     Good point. Still, if the first casting {Dal ghu'lIj} failed to be
specific enough, wouldn't this be even better as {SoHvaD Dal ghu'lIj}?
Otherwise, your statement might just as well serve as a reply from the
captain of the garbage scow to you, since the situation might not be the one
experienced by the person termed {SoH}. "For you, the (my) situation is


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