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Re: Just Bored

>>chay' tlhIngan Holvo' "I'm bored" Dajatlh

>How about:

> Dallaw' Hoch?

>--HoD trI'Qal
>  tlhwD lIy So'

I normally translate "be bored" as {Dal ghu'} with a possessive on the

Dal ghu'wIj     "I'm bored."
Dal ghu'lIj     "You're bored."

...and you get the idea. Some other phrases for this construction could be:

Daj ghu'wIj     "I'm interested." (simply opposite of bored)
Qob ghu'Daj     "He's/She's in danger."
tlhaQ ghu'chaj     "They are embarrased." (?)

That last one I'm not so sure about. It could be an idiom, so who knows? But
this kind of construction is quasi-useful if you know what words to use in

DalHa'jaj ghu'raj

Literally: "May your (pl) situations be non-boring."
Stylistically: "Have fun!"

Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos

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