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Re: KBLC: jIbeplaw'



>=> mamoSlaHlaw'.
>=> bISuvqangtaHmo' bIquvqu'!
>=> HIQochtaHneS!
>HIja',  mamoSbejta'.
>paQDI'norghlIj vIquv, 'ej qaQochruptaH.
>tlhIngan Hol ghojtaH ghojchoHwI'pu'ra' vIneH.

ghojqangchugh, vaj ghojbej.
nom ghojlaw'mo' chaH Hoch, jIQuch.

One comment:  in your second line, <quv> means "to be honoured," so you are 
really saying "I am honoured your teachings"... which doesn't make sense.  I 
think you were a bit hasty as you looked in your KD... what you wanted was on 
the previous line: <quvmoH>, which means "to honour."

Understandable mistake, I have made it a dozen times.  Follow me?


If they want to learn, they will learn.
I am happy becasue they are all learning so quickly.

--HoD trI'Qal

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