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More sun thoughts...


 >> Hovjaj (sun's day) [Sunday?]
 >> Hovyach (sunstroke ??)
 >> Hovjol (sunbeam ?)
 >> HovtIH (sunray)
 >> HovmeQ (sunburn)
 >> HovyoD (sunscreen)

 >      The only kind of "compound" that TKD gives you license
 > to build yourself
 > are compound NOUNS. Okrand can glue a verb to a noun to
 > create a new noun.
 > You can't.
 > charghwI'

What about using verbs as nouns?  This has been discussed
before, and it is still pretty unclear; but if you can use
the root form of the verb as a noun, then you should be
able to use it in a compound.  I don't think there is definite
proof that it can't be done.


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