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Re: Sun?

On Mar 25, 12:48pm, "Matt Gomes" wrote:
>   HELP!  I'm trying to find a translation for "Sun" (i.e. the opposite of
> "Moon").  Would the best translation be "Hov"?...  

     I'm not sure I'd call it the OPPOSITE of moon... Still, I can think of
two possibilities. If we want to be Earth-centric and Earth-bound, you can
probably get away with {Hov'a'} (the big star -- Recognize here that this is
not the same thing as {Hov tIn}. The -'a' suffix tends to be used to
differentiate nouns that are similar, but referring to things of different
size, like a ship vs. a shuttlecraft, or a river vs. a creek.). My own
preference would be something more like {tera'Hov}, since we have a Klingon
word for Earth, though we don't have one for Sol, or Sun, or whatever. It may
not be the most ideal way the language could say it, but I think it is the
best, given the vocabulary we have.


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