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Re: 'puter flashcards

[In response to the flash card program idea:]

     I recommend that either (less preferable) you get the prompting word and
multiple choice for the answers, or (more preferable) you get the prompt word
and fill in the blank as you like, then the program shows the dictionary
entry next to what you just typed in. The program would then ask YOU if you
think this answer is correct or not. If you say "Yes", then it goes on to
other words. If you say "no", then it puts the word back in the pile it
chooses from next.

     The idea here is that you use the computer to do what it does best,
which is to stupidly follow simple commands. Do NOT try to make it do what
the computer does poorly, which is to parse your entry and figure out whether
or not it matches the entry it already had. Face it, it does not understand
either your answer nor its definition entry well enough to "know" whether or
not it has a match.

     This is usually handled by multiple choice answer, essentially limiting
the scope of potential answers so the computer can figure out if this is a
match. Essentially, you are making the test less useful in order to make it
fit the computer better. Not good.

     Use the computer as a tool and as a partner. Don't expect it to be
intelligent. We're not there yet. We are not NEARLY there yet.


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