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Re: Qaghqoq

Hu'tegh! nuq ja' d'Armond Speers jay'?

(Going through my mail, I fell upon this: )
[talking about not using reH or -taH]
=> In either of those cases, it is not as derogatory as saying that he
=> is a fool in general, in which case the tenseless {Dogh} should suffice.

=Why choose ambiguity over clarity, especially when the language (in 
=this case {{:) ) gives a nice solution?

Because (as you know, being a Holtej ;) ), that's not how languages work,
the PK dictum on "Accuracy" notwithstanding. People value succinctness over
clarity, and pragmatics is a mighty handy helper.

It'd be worth me to do some text statistics some time on how often ghaH is
dropped, for example. My hunch is: much more often than Okrand ever envisaged.


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