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Re: qaD vIjang: leng'a'


     Given the history between you and Krankor, do you REALLY think it is
appropriate for you to pick apart his story in front of the list? I would
tend to think that it might be more graceful for the two of you to just let
the works of the other slide by unnoticed; let OTHER people comment on those
writings. I haven't even read much about what you've said, but the very
beginning comes across as arbitrary and picky enough that I'm not sure I want
to deal with the rest:

> > [muqaDpu'mo' charghwI', naDev 'oH lut'e' --HoD Qanqor]
> I take it you realise that "Here's the story" is an Anglicism, and this
> actually says "the story is here". "DaH lutvetlh vIja'" is what I would
> say.

     Well, if I were speaking instead of writing, I might agree, but if I
sent you a written story, it might be quite appropriate to say "Here is the
story," in pretty much any language you like.

     I challenged Krankor because I wanted to see more stuff written by him
in Klingon. I enjoy his writing. I did not intend for it to be a setup for
another verbal duel between you two.

     Please cut it out.

     If things have patched up between you and I don't know about it, then
please bring me up to date and disregard this concern. Meanwhile, given what
I currently understand about your relationship, this just seems petty and


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