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Re: law'/puS

Following up on mark's reply:

1) Yes, I support multiple adjectivals.  Similarly, I support multiple
   cascading noun-noun constructions.

2) I think mark misread the original question.  Yes, you can use noun+adjective
   in the A/B slots of a law'/puS.  As far as I can see, you can use any noun
   phrase, as complicated as you like.  For instance, again, in our canonical
   example, we have the A slot filled by Qam[taH]vIS Hegh-- "Death while
   standing".  If you read carefully the language that describes law'/puS,
   it never actually says the A/B have to be nouns per se.  It calls them
   "the two things being compared".  While "thing" implies "noun-ish", it
   doesn't mean strictly "noun".  So a full noun phrase definitely appears
   to be legal, including nouns modified with adjectivals.


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