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Re: Help, please

On Mar 15,  9:18am, Topic Goran wrote:

> porgh lI'be' QaQ law' yab qal QaQ puS
>         (Can I do lI'be' useless adjectivally? Can adjectival verbs take
>         If not, then lI'be'bogh porgh)
> Qapla' qoranvo'

>From CK:
chorgh yIHmey lI'be'
eight useless tribbles

     I'm not sure about the number, but I just listened to it yesterday and
noted that in the section on numbers used with plural nouns, Okrand
definitely used {lI'be'} adjectivally, so not only do you have evidence that
some, if not all, verbs can use {-be'} adjectivally, but {lI'} specifically
can be used this way.


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