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Re: -moH and other suffixes

>What do you folks think?  I think "qaQongrupmoH" for "I'm ready to put you
>to sleep" is legal.  This came up, btw, when I was making a sentence "I'm
>willing to teach you" and got "*qaghojmoHqang", then fixed it to
>"qaghojqangmoH", and then decided to do something else and ask the list

Yep.  Most of the time, the suffix order conveniently matches our
what we'd want and expect, as English speakers, and we may
justifiably  say a loud "Hurrah!".  But sometimes it doesn't, as
mark shows. Bummer.  And it can sometimes be ambiguous. Bummer.
Either translation seems legal, and our old buddy Sidney Q. Context
will once again have to sort it out for us.


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