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Re: "latlh" and "Hoch"

I believe the party line on "Hoch"/"latlh" is to use the noun-noun construct;
to say "all the captains", turn it into the synonymous-in-English
"all of the captains", which can be expressed in tlhIngan Hol as
"HoDpu' Hoch".  This could also be read "the captains' all", of course; this
is consistent with the usage in some other Terran languages.

This works somewhat less clearly with "latlh": "HoDpu' latlh" may be read
"the other one of the captains".  Of course, there's nothing here to say that
the "additional one" is itself another captain; the same phrase could be used
to refer to some other additional item jointly possessed by the captains under
discussion.  Context would presumably sort out this ambiguity.


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