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Re: Noun-Noun Construction

ghItlh charghwI':
>     You've completely missed my point. The word was WITHOUT. TKD says that
>you cannot use any suffix except {-qu'} on a verb being used adjectivally IF
>THE VERB HAS A TYPE 5 NOUN SUFFIX, which it gets if it follows a noun that
>would logically receive that Type 5 suffix.

charghwI'vaD vIjang:
Oops! HIvqa' veqlargh! Duh, I knew dat. I was just, uh, keeping you on your

Anyhow, I find that this argument has taken some nasty turns. I honestly
don't think this sort of difference in interpretation of TKD will lead to any
unsuccessful communication between when we use the language, nor will it
split the Klingon speaking community into seperate dialects. qaSchugh
ghu'vam'e' taDchoH ghe''or!

I believe we can go on conversing back and forth in Hol with only minor
difficulties, since we both seem to have a good handle on the language, even
if we oftentimes don't have the same opinions on how TKD is to be read. Your
interpretation is much more literal, whereas I go for the more vague
approach. Where you would say that {HeghmoH} must mean "be fatal" and carry
that exact semantic value and have the exact grammatical characterstics of
"be fatal" while I would not consider the EXACT words that important, and
simply follow my internal instincts. To me, {HeghmoH} just looks like the
root {Hegh} transitized with the {-moH} suffix and would use it to mean "X
is-fatal-to/causes-to-die Y", viz., a synonym for {HoH}, just as {HoHlu'} is
pretty close to {Hegh}. You would consider it an adjective, simply because
that's what TKD lists it as, and would probably feel free to use it
adjectivally in constructions like {tar HeghmoH tlhutlh}, but would be
opposed to it's transitive verbal form in {yIH HeghmoH tar}. Neither one of
us can seem to sway the other's viewpoint at all. That's why I consider this
debate dead. Maybe it's best just to leave this alone for a while, until more
canon info rolls in from the pabpo' pIn'a'.

majeychuqlaHbe'chugh vaj mevnISqu' may'maj

Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos, signing off---*

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