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Re: Qaghqoq

> I've seen no canonical proof either; we're both working off our instincts
> and intuitions based on our linguistic knowledge and what we think is a
> "Klingon" perspective.  We're obviously not agreeing, but that doesn't mean
> it isn't worth considering.  As I turn it over in my head, using my own
> concept of a "Klingon point of view", I get my opinion.  You get yours from
> yours.  So we try to convince each other that our respective opinion is
> "better".  That's the way arguments go, and its often a good way to gain
> better perspectives.
> ~mark
I tend to think of different interpretaions of usage as a difference in
dialects.  It's painfully obvious to even the most dimwitted that there are
different ways of saying things that accepted/not accepted, depending on
where one lives.  In the USA, for example, the people in Georgia say things
a bit differently than the people in, say, New York or Los Angeles.  It's not
that any one way is *better* than another (although many school teachers
would likely disagree), the many ways of saying things are just *different*.

As for those of us who read (and often argue about) this list, it is not up
to us to determine the *official* dialect - that is Orkrand's perview.  *We*
can only decide which things are *regional* dialects.  

After all, isn't the most important thing that we get the general idea of what
we are saying to one another?


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