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Re: KBTP Radio Spot

On Tue, 8 Mar 1994, joel peter anderson wrote:

> > 	For those who are interested, the Rick Dees "Weekly Top 40" show
> > contacted me last week and did a live interview about the Klingon Bible
> > Translation Project. ...He also made a $100 donation to the project...
> Just curious - can you tell those of us who don't know who Rick Dees is,
> where he is heard (locally,nationally,internationally), and what kind of 
> program this is?  Thanks - er, qatlho'

	Rick Dees is a radio D.J. in Los Angeles, but he also has a
nationally syndicated radio broadcast called "Weekly Top 40" which plays
the top 40 pop songs in the nation.  It is a counter-part to Casy Casum's
"American Top 40".  The show airs on the weekd-end, normally on Sunday
around 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. although times vary.  The best way to find
it is to just flip around the standard pop stations until you find it.  He
show is not as high-brow as N.P.R., but at least it's publicity.


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