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Re: Angels

On Mar 7,  6:08pm, joel peter anderson wrote:
> Subject: Re: Angels
> > > For example,   "'ar yIHnachDaq Sup tlhinganpu'?"
> >       I would have expected " 'ar yIH nachDaq SuplaH tlhInganpu' ?"
>  'ar yIH nachDaq SuplaH tlhInganpu' ?
>         'ar tlhInganpu' Daghaj ?

     Okay, okay. This has gone on long enough that SOMEBODY should have
looked up the use of {'ar} in TKD: "Finally, {'ar} [how many? how much?]
follows the noun to which it refers. It can never follow a noun with a plural
suffix. How about:

        nach ghajchugh yIH vaj yIH nachDaq SuplaH tlhIngan 'ar? 

         nach ghajbe'chugh yIH vaj yIHDaq SuplaH tlhIngan 'ar?

charghwI' {jISup, jISup, jISup...}

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