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KBLC: Hoghvam

cha'Hu' "Alabama"Daq jIpuvta'.
bangwI' vIleghmeH jIpuvta'.
vIleghqa'mo', jIQuchqu'!
juHwIj bIr law' naDev bIr puS.
"Ohio"Daq jIyIn.
Quv bIrqu'Daq jIyInbe'qu' vIneH.
nuqDaq tlhIH tu'lu''a'?


I speak to all of you again.
Two days ago, I flew to Alabama.
I flew to see my boyfreind.
I am very happy to see him again!
It is colder at my home than it is here.
I live in Ohio.
I do not want to live someplace so cold!
Where are all of you?

[Please note that I did not use a literal translation, but listed what I
*meant* to say.  If you still don't understand, let me know]

-HoD trI'Qal
 lIy So'

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