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Re: Complex sentences and question words

On Mon, 7 Mar 1994, Mark E. Shoulson wrote:

> Wow, I really flubbed it (I'm not going to pull out another replacement
> proverb, because it always takes forever to explain what it means to folks
> who don't have PK).  Not only did I miss the fact that verbs of saying
> don't take "'e'" (it does say so, Kevin), but also the fact that Klingon
> doesn't do reported speech.  Let's look at the relevant section:  TKD
> 6.2.5, page 67.
> "Similarly, with verbs of saying (say, tell, ask, etc.), {'e'} and {net}
> are not used.  The two phrases simply follow one another, in either order.
> 	qaja'pu' HIqaghQo'
>     or  HIqaghQo' qaja'pu'
> "This is literally _I told you, 'Don't interrupt me!'_ or _'Don't interrupt
> me' I told you_... An aspect marker... may always be attached to the verb
> of saying, regardless of whether it is the first or second verb."
> So we are told explicitly that verbs of saying don't take "'e'", and a very
> strong implication is made that Klingon quotes are always direct quotes.  I
> made that mistake once in my translation of These Boots Are Made for
> Walkin'; it's not something that's easy to remember.  But there it is;
> Klingon doesn't do reported speech.
> ~mark

Dear Mark,

	Mea culpa!  You have convinced me.  Drat!  I did so want to make
the distinction.


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