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A little help, please...

I'm pretty new to this language, and, not knowing about this list when I
bought TKD, the only thing I could think to do was record my telephone-
answering machine message in thlingon.  The message is as follows:


Wejvatlh loSmaH loS loSSaD wa'vatlh chorghmaH loS DarI'ta'.

Yingu''egh 'ej jajvam yingu'chu' rep je tup.

HIja' Daqlij qoj HIja' QumwI'lijmI' 'ej HISovmoH  De'lij.


DaH yiHeQ.

Have I used the language appropriately in this instance and how can I make
the message a bit shorter?

BTW, if anyone wishes to listen to it, the area code is 505.  I don't make
ANY claims about my pronounciation.

Thanks from a Beginner...


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