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Re: Complex sentences and question words

On Thu, 3 Mar 1994, Will Martin wrote:

>      Okay, I held off to let the grammarians (who were addressed directly on
> this one) to go to it first, in a rare act of self control. Okay, I'll admit
> it. I wrote a reply and changed the address to my own instead of to the list.
>      So please explain to me why {ja'} gets {'e'} here when TKD says that
> verbs of saying don't need it? Option 2 and 3 are exactly the same if you
> take {'e'} out of it, which is what *I* humbly think ought to happen.
> charghwI'

I agree that verbs of saying do not need 'e', but I was trying to make a
distinction between direct speech and reported speech.  The TKD never says
that verbs of saying cannot have the 'e' pronoun.

Kevin A. Wilson

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