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Re: KLBC "Parrot" reply

>vaj wa'DIch jIjatlh.
>Saj ghaj qorDu'wIj.
>Sajvam vIparqu'.
>jatlhlaHlaw'bogh Ha'DIbaH 'oH Sajvam'e'.
>Ha'DIbaHvamvaD "parrot" lupong tera'nganpu'.
>QIpqu' "parrot"maj.
>not jatlh.
>tera'ngan Hol jatlhlaHbe'law' "parrot".
>vaj 'oHvaD tlhIngan Hol vIjalth.
>chaq tlhIngan Hol jalthlaH "parrot", qar'a'?
>--HoD trI'Qal
>  tlhwD lIy So'

Saj vIghajbe'
be'nal wej puqbe' je vIghaj
tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbe'
"parrot"vaD tlhIngan Hol DaghojmoHghach DuH law'  <- Continue on next line
               qorDu'vaD tlhIngan Hol vIghojmoHghach DuH puS
targh [a dog] luneH puqbe'oypu'wI'

Is there a better way to say that monster sentence I have?  Is what I have 
even correct?  The intension was to compare trI'Qal's likelihood of 
teaching his parrot to the likelihood of me teaching my family.
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