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Re: KLBC "Parrot"

=> From: trI'Qal <DOBELBOWER%[email protected]>
=> Subject: Re: KLBC

=> tera'ngan Hol jatlhlaHbe'law' "parrot".

chaq rIQ SajlIj.
loS Saj vIghaj 'a tera'ngan Hol lujatlhlaHbe'.
tlhingan Hol vIjatlhchu' vIghojtaH vInehbej.

QaH vIqor...
=> jatlhlaHlaw'bogh Ha'DIbaH 'oH Sajvam'e'.

	nuq jatlh?  mu'tlheghraj vIyajbe'.

------------------------- tera'gnan Hol! --------------------------------------
----- When I parsed out that last sentence I got;

jatlhlaHlaw'bogh : which is seemingly able to speak
Ha'DIbaH	 : animal
'oH		 : it (pronoun)
Sajvam'e'	 : this Pet (Topic)

I beleive this translates to "This pet is an animal which is seemingly 
able to speak."  If I got that right,  why is the pronoun 'oH needed here?

Why not;  jatlhlaHlaw' Ha'DIbah Sajvam'e'


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