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Re: Words not found in TKD

Marnen, the Songbringer ( said:

	:  chaDvay             hertz (frequency) (n)
	I think you mean >chaDvay'<. Unanalyzable.

Since I know how many of you *love* non-canon speculations... Am I
the only one who thinks this looks like vatlhvI'?

 That was the hint. More below. ^L for puzzle-lovers...

There was some speculation a while ago about -vI' as a generic
reciprocal marker, rather than just for vatlh + -vI' = percent.
Well, Hertz is a measurement of cycles *per* second. In a flight of
fancy, one might think -vI' for unit reciprocals, -vay' for time

Of course, Hertz is a Terran measurement. How long is a Klingon
second? (Sounds like a proverb in the making: idiomatic Klingon for
"living on the edge".)


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