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RE: Puncation revisited / Hos tlhIngan

>Forgive the continued questions dealing with this post, but:
>Why do you use lughmoHghach as opposed to lughghach?
>                   ^^^

"correction" mugh "lughmoHghach".  "lughghach" vIja'pu'chugh, "correctness"
vIHechlaw'.  lugh == to be right or correct, lughmoH == to cause to be right,
or to correct, vaj lughghach = rightness, correctness, lughmoHghach ==
correction, or the act of correcting.

>Secondly, does "qab QoyghachwIj po'ghach 'e' vItu'" refer to the skill of 
>my hearing (i.e. the ability to decern the phonemes) or the ability (state 
>of deafness).  Is there anyway within Klingon to differentiate the two?

HIja', "hearing skill"vaD 'oHlaw',  "ability to hear" neHlu'chugh,
mu'tlhegh latlh QaQlaw' law' mu'tlheghvam QaQlaw' puS.  QoylaHghach ==
hearing ability, ability to hear.


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