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How do you feel?

>From: (The Songbringer -- Marnen to the common fol
>    k)
>Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 19:33:27 EDT

>Matt Gomes says:

>:      How would one say "How do you feel?" or something of that nature...  I
>: know I have to use <chay'>, but there is no verb for "feel" (except
>: to feel/touch).  Would anyone have a sentence that asks someone if
>: their well-being is moderate this day?
>Well, lately I've been using >chay' ghoS yinlij?<. I suppose one could use
>>biSuvrup'a'?< [ ;> ] or even >nachlijDaq Qi'tu' ghe''or ghap Daghaj'a'?<
[ :p

I dunno, having read the several suggestions.  They seem a bit
beating-around-the-bush to me, or else too metaphoric.  "chay' ghoS
yInlIj"?  Where's it going?  "Go" in the sense of "develop" is a little
overly English to me (I guess I'm against Krankor here too).  I'd go the
simple route:


Or maybe "nuq 'oH DotlhlIj'e'?"


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