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I love you? (Ha' vs. be')

>From: (Erich Schneider)
>Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 17:10:38 CDT
>Content-Length: 1790

>"Paul Clegg"vo':

>"-Ha'" means more than "undo". It includes a similar meaning to the
>English prefixes "mis-" and "dis-". (A curious example is "par" "to
>dislike", has its opposite "parHa'", "to like".) It also can connote
>an action done wrongly. For example, the sentence "bIjatlhHa'chugh vaj
>qaHoH" is freely translated as "If you say the wrong thing, I will
>kill you"; it is more rigidly translated "If you speak
>wrongly/misspeak then I will kill you". This is different from
>"bIjatlhbe'chugh vaj qaHoH" - "If you don't talk, then I kill you" -
>which might be something one hears in an interrogation. In some sense,
>"-Ha'" connotes more than the "simple negation" of the verb - a verb
>created with "-Ha'" represents a "positive action".

There have been many ggood explanations of "-Ha'" here recently (though I
dispute that "-Ha'" is like lojban {to'e}; jatlhHa' isn't {to'e cusku}).
Just to sort of round it out, here's the list of "-Ha'" words in the
lexicon that I could find.

roSHa'moH       paralyze (cause to be paralyzed)
Ha'DIbaH        meat (=animal)
Ha'DIbaH        meat, animal (n)
nadHa'          discommend, disapprove (v)
naDHa'ghach     discommendation (n)
belHa'          be displeased (v)
bIghHa'         prison, jail (n)
ghomHa'         scatter, disperse (v)
Ha'             let's go, come on (excl); undo (vxr)
Ha'DIbaH        animal (n)
jotHa'          be uneasy (v)
lobHa'          disobey (v)
matHa'          gunner (n)
parHa'          like (v)
qImHa'          disregard (v)
QeyHa'          be loose (v)
QeyHa'moH       loosen (v)
QuchHa'         be unhappy (v)
tungHa'         encourage (v)
tuQHa'moH       undress (v)
voqHa'          distrust (v)
yajHa'          misinterpret (v)
yepHa'          be careless (v)
yuDHa'          be honest (v)


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