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Daily Musings

>From: Will Martin <>
>Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 09:39:55 EDT
>X-Mailer: UVa PCMail 1.8.4
>Content-Length: 827

>> you mean >'oy' ghaH ghojmoHwi' Dun'e'< (and notice the use of >ghaH< rather
>> than >'oH<!).

>I don't think 'e' works on a verb, even if it is used adjectivally. It
>is a noun suffix. While I'm not sure I value the sentence enough to polish it
>even further, I would have at least placed that suffix on ghojmoHwI', given
>that it is at least a noun.

Sure it goes on the verb.  See TKD 4.4.  Adjectival verbs take noun suffixes
of type 5, if one is needed.  "-'e'" is a type 5 suffix.


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