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Re: More on Greater Than/Less Than

>From: Will Martin <>
>On Oct 18, 11:47am, Paul J. Clegg wrote:
>> Subject: More on Greater Than/Less Than
>     This is where you went astray. This sort of Logical extrapolation is not
>a valid way to extend the Klingon language. You have sought to figure out WHY
>the comparitive structure exists as it does and then extend from that
>explanation to say a lot of things Okrand never said in TKD. Unfortunately,
>you have no license to do this. None of us do. Only Okrand could leap that
>far to explain how this construction could do anything it doesn't do in TKD

Geez, it wasn't like I was planning on publishing "Paul Clegg's Klingon
Companion", I was just speculating...

>> tuQoch'a'?  tuQochbe''a'?
>> ...Paul
>     I don't just disagree. I'm right. You are wrong. Period.

Yes, Mr. Okrand Jr.  :)

We GOTTA get Okrand on the list;  I'm sure if he were to "okay" various things
we suggest, we'd have a huge volume of Klingon information...  :)


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